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We are a bold, new, modern fitness concept, backed by science & technology, with an incredible mission. 

T H E   F O U N D I N G   T E A M

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The Benefhiit Fitness concept has been in development since 2018. Co-Founder, Mike Scheerer's corporate experience is in business process optimization and strategy and his father is an entrepreneur and Franchise industry veteran. They regularly explored early stage business concepts, developed financial performance models, and discussed theoretical business optimization strategies together. This led Mike to start building what eventually became Benefhiit Fitness. Mike aimed to create something that could outperform industry benchmarks by optimizing current business models to create efficient & effective uses of time, space, design, process, and/or function. Mike also wanted to create something that would make a difference and provide an unmatched experience to the end-user. As a life-long athlete & Division 1 Lacrosse player, Mike turned his focus to the fitness industry. Mike believes the fitness studio space was ripe for innovation and improvement, so he began his Benefhiit Method journey. For this venture to be successful, Mike knew he needed fitness experts as part of the founding team. Mike reached out to Ryan Gillian. Ryan and Mike went to High School together at Bishop Shanahan in Downingtown, PA and also graduated from the same college, West Chester University of Pennsylvania. When telling the founding story, Mike always refers  to Ryan as 'Mr. Fitness'. He knew Ryan had the expertise that could take this from a theoretical concept to an industry leading fitness business. 

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Ryan Gillian is from Ocean City, NJ. He started his career working for the family businesses, Gillian’s Wonderland Pier and Gillian’s Island Waterpark. He has been in the hospitality industry from a very young age and strives to create an unforgettable experience for every person.  He then went on to become a Police Officer and believes this provided him with a strong sense of community and social service. Although he was honored to fill this role, fitness was still his passion. For the following several years, Ryan had a very successful career as a personal trainer which allowed him to change people's lives through fitness. Ryan is a certified, highly experienced fitness professional and is fiercely dedicated to his craft. Ryan’s energy and passion is volcanic and it shows in his training approach. He has a particular ability to keep people motivated, hold them accountable, and help them crush their goals both inside and outside of the gym. This is the passion and dedication that has helped BENEFHIIT Fitness become what it is. During Ryan's time as a Personal Trainer, he closely worked with another all-star trainer Claron Johnson. Ryan and Mike agreed that his skillset would be an absolute asset to the BENEFHIIT founding team.

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Claron Johnson is a certified fitness professional with a passion for changing lives. He believes that everyone has the ability to accomplish their fitness goals once they break through the limitations of their comfort zone. Being a collegiate athlete, playing football for Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ under coach Greg Schiano, Claron knows what it takes to excel to the next level. Claron specializes in functional movement, metabolic & composition analysis, nutrition, and small group training. Claron’s approach to health and wellness is dynamic and explosive with a soft gentle touch. He has the capacity to push high performing elite athletes to their limits, with the patience to coach and find modifications for beginners. He carries a sense of intention and profound purpose when it comes to fitness and it shows through in his approach to coaching. BENEFHIIT FITNESS prides itself on being different. One of those differences is to focus on body preparation, analysis, and nourishment. Executing this offering set includes dynamic warmups, metabolic & composition analysis, and nutrition coaching. Claron has worked with the founding team to develop these services alongside our leading HIIT-based training program. This unique blend provides our members with a well rounded wellness regimen that is built to help them reach and maintain their goals. This pure approach to health and wellness is what Benefhiit fitness strives for and Claron is critical to achieving that.

In 2019, these three officially decided to go all-in together and build a bold, new, modern fitness concept, with an incredible mission. None of the unique aspects of Benefhiit Method could have been imagined and executed for not the collision of the diverse and extensive expertise of the three founders. Things moved very quickly as they fine-tuned the concept, developed programming, pricing models, and service offerings. As all of the pieces began to fit together, they began preparation for their first brick and mortar location in downtown Haddonfield, NJ. After evaluating a couple different locations, they settled on 18 N. Haddon Ave and got started quickly on the design of the studio. Working with an industry-leading design firm, they aimed to develop a unique and identifiable look for the Benefhiit brand that was engaging and scalable. After fighting through delays due to Covid-19, Benefhiit finally opened in June 2021 and is excited to bring an entirely new fitness experience to the industry. Benefhiit Method plans to expand quickly to positively impact as many people as possible. 

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— Aristotle

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